New Zealand Seaweed Flakes | 100% Pure

$24.65 NZD

 New Zealand Seaweed Flakes

Our New Zealand Seaweed Flakes are a great addition to soups, broths, smoothies, salads and stir-fries.

Description: Coarse combination of dark and light olive green flakes of Macrocystis Seaweed (Brown New Zealand Kelp) which soften with moisture. Strong, salty seaweed flavour and aroma.

  • A great source of Iodine

  • Wildly nutritious

  • Adds a flavour punch to your meals

Serving Suggestions:

Sprinkle a small amount of Seaweed Flakes to your food to add both a salty seaweed flavour and essential, natural nutrients to your meal.

Proudly sourced and produced in New Zealand by sustainable hand-harvesting.