Natural | Vegan | Perfume

$24.95 NZD

Natural Perfume  Vegan, alcohol and cruelty-free.

RAW LUXE is an exciting new concept in the way you wear perfume and cologne, made locally in New Zealand with all-natural essential oils.

Vegan, alcohol and cruelty-free.

When you’re up close and personal, it’s your own secret story, your own identity. Not designed to overpower a room like “old lady” perfumes once did, but give someone a hug or stand next to a stranger in a lift, and they’ll immediately notice how amazing you smell.


Feel confident wearing this alluring scent of soft roses and leather. Perfect for that romantic first date.  Throw it on with a pair of stilettos and watch the sparks fly!


You'll hit the ground running wearing this luxurious scent.  Hints of a citrus woody bouquet will remind you of posh soap.  Every day you'll feel sophisticated and in control.  Bring it!


A true balance of cool peppermint and soft floral rose sherbet - an enchanting candy store for all ages. Just don’t let anyone nibble on you!  


This unisex scent is all plush velvet and rugged leather.  Want to be mysterious and musky? Perfect for evening wear for ladies or all day for men.  But there are no rules you decide.


A fun lively scent of spicy cloves, reminiscent of afternoons spent hanging out with girlfriends, splurging on high tea after a successful shopping spree. Don't forget to spill the tea! 


Imagine the lush tropics with this heady mix of soft floral jasmine and warm vanilla- a real weekender scent for a relaxed state of mind. Yoga anyone?

Apply liberally to all pulse points on your body – neck, temple, wrists, elbows, behind the knees.  It fits easily in your purse or pocket. Reapply as needed throughout the day and get ready for compliments




6 Scents available