Dryer Balls | Wool

$24.95 NZD

Wool dryer balls from 100% NZ wool

Just add three Ecofriend dryer balls to your tumble dryer to absorb the moisture and separate your laundry, This will allow the hot air to circulate more freely.

Benefits of using Ecofriend NZ Wool Dryer Balls

  • Lasts for 1000 Loads
  • 100% Pure New Zealand Wool
  • Softens Naturally
  • Helps to Reduces Drying Time 
  • Helps eliminate wrinkles and Static
  • Ecofriendly

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Pure New Zealand Laundry Balls
ECO-FRIENDLY: Lasts for a Thousand-Plus Loads, Replaces Dryer Sheets & Liquid Fabric Softeners, Reduces Garbage Waste. (A healthy, petroleum-free alternative to plastic dryer steamer balls)


Pack Includes:

Each Pack contains 3 x New Zealand 100% Wool Dryer Balls in a Cotton Storage Bag


Just add three dryer balls to your dryer. This will help to reduce the drying time and help save on your electricity bill. 
Not only will your laundry dry faster, but the pure wool dryer balls also help reduce static & will naturally soften your fabric.
When you have finished using them please place them aside to air-dry between your drying loads.
The Ecofriend Dryer Balls make a lovely gift for your friends. You can even add a few drops of your favourite  Pure Essential Oils to the balls to diffuse through your drying cycle.