Essential Oil | Aromatherapy | Bath Salts Essential Oil | Aromatherapy | Bath Salt
Essential Oil | Aromatherapy | Bath Salts $19.95

Bath Salts Immerse yourself in the detoxifying waters of ancient Himalayan salt crystals that penetrate your skin, infused with a sensual blend of passion-inspiring essential oils and Epsom salts to relieve sore, tired, achy muscles and joints. So why not indulge yourself in an absolutely delightful blend that uplifts and caresses your entire body transporting you away to an old English rose garden for a blissful experience. What's in your natural blend Bath Salts Epsom Salts Himalayan Salts A blend of Essential Oils including lilies, roses and lavender A subtle blend of dried lavender and rose petals Instructions Add half a cup to your warm bath water, light your favourite candle and enjoy the bliss, with your favourite bubbly

Natural Deodorant | Antiperspirant | Ecofriend Natural Deodorant | So Vanilla | Ecofriend
Natural Deodorant | Antiperspirant $17.95

Natural Deodorant by Raw Nature All our deodorants are completely clean and natural and will withstand even your sweatiest workout sessions. Aluminium and palm oil-free; we use virgin coconut oil, magnesium and tapioca starch to kill bacteria growth from the get-go. If you are looking for an armpit soulmate, you have found it! 8 scents are available which all include a unique blend of essential oils, including New Zealand Manuka oil which is chosen for its antimicrobial benefits. There is also a no-scent version. Perfect for on-the-go use, easy to spread leaving your skin velvety soft, feeling dry and ready for the day.  Time to rethink using the supermarket aluminium-based antiperspirant and give your body some love What customers are saying "I’ve tried several but this is the best I’ve found so far. I love the vanilla scent. The best bit is the push-up stick, so easy to use. And the fact it’s all cardboard - no plastic in sight. Great product."

Eco Tan | Hempitan |Self Tanning Water | Ecofriend Eco Tan | Self Tanning Water | Ecofriend
Eco Tan | Hempitan |Self Tanning Water $35.96 $44.95

 Self Tanning Water by Hempitan In a nutshell, Eco Tan Hempitan™️ is our newest self-tanning water but Sonya's favourite tan at the moment. It’s basically a body tan water so it instantly dries. People can’t see you wearing it as it develops and has amazing hemp seed oil to hydrate your skin. It has handpicked, bespoke ingredients to ensure you get a killer deep tan with an earthy bronze tone.  Tip: The more you apply the darker you go!  HEMPITAN™ is the World’s first organic hemp body tanning water that delivers our longest lasting tan and contains Hemp Seed Extract known for its phenomenal skin moisturising properties. A revolutionary certified organic self-tan, Hempitan™ is made from only organic and natural ingredients in an easy to apply spray-on formula. ​Organic Hemp Seed Extract is known to help relieve skin irritation & provide moisture. Cacao helps to soothe, hydrate & balance skin complexion. Pure Hyaluronic naturally boosts the moisture in your skin. The absolute Best fake tan for your skin. Try it for yourself! Things we love about Hempitan™: This express tan is non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog your pores. Hempitan body tanning water provides long-lasting colour. Colour continues to develop for 24 hours. With natural cacao & orange oil, Hempitan smells amazing! Dries instantly! No mess.  Your longest lasting natural fake tan, with spray-on convenience! The more you apply, the darker you go. NOTHING SYNTHETIC. BELIEVABLE GORGEOUS CACAO BRONZE TAN. Suits all skin tones, even fair tones! Organic Hemp • Hyaluronic • Cacao CALM – Hemp Seed Extract is known to help relieve skin irritation & provides moisture. SMOOTH – Cacao helps to soothe, hydrate & balance skin complexion CLEAR – Pure Hyaluronic naturally boosts the moisture in your skin Directions Spray evenly to the entire body and rub in using your hands or a smooth mit. Wash off after 1 hour or leave on longer if you wish. Colour will continue to develop for 24 hours.  Shake well before use. Apply a generous amount directly onto skin and rub in using your hands or you can use our tan applicator kit if preferred. Wash hands thoroughly after use. For best results exfoliate at least 24-48 hours prior to full body application. Leave on for 1 hour before washing off. Your tan will continue to develop for up to 24 hours after washing off. For external use only. We recommend an allergy patch test before use. Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation occurs see a doctor and discontinue use. Store below 30°c. Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice*, Natural DHA (Sugar Cane Derived)**, Organic Glycerin (Vegetable Derived)*, Natural Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside (Sugar Derived)**, Natural Glyceryl Caprylate (Vegetable Derived)**, Radish Root Ferment**, Organic Sweet Orange Oil*, Organic Coconut Water*, Natural Parfum (Fresh Botanical Blend)**, Natural Cocao**, Organic Hemp Seed Extract*, Natural Vegan Hyaluronic Acid**, Natural Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate (Vegetable Derived)**, Natural Dehydroxanthan Gum (Sugar Derived)**, Natural Polyglyceryl-6 Oleate (Vegetable Derived)**, Sodium Surfactin (Natural Preservative)**, Natural Maltodextrin (Vegetable Derived)**, Citric Acid (Citrus Fruit Derived)**ALL ingredients either *Organic or **Natural NO Harmful Chemicals, NO Synthetic Fragrances, NO Animal Derivatives, NO Synthetic Ingredients, NO Food Colouring, NO PEGS, NO Parabens, NO SD Alcohol, NO Phthalates, NO Petrochemicals, NO Propylene Glycol, NO Phenoxyethanol, NO Artificial Dyes, NO SLS/SLES, NO GMO’S, NO Formaldehyde, NO Aluminium, NO Sulphates Packaging This packaging is made with Post Consumer Recycled material. About Eco Tan After Sonya’s sister was diagnosed with a melanoma at age 30, Sonya started searching the ingredients in the fake tans they were using. She didn’t like what she found... This Aussie mum’s tenacity and the journey have given us a healthier alternative to tanning, body care and skincare. Eco Tan made Australian history in 2011 by becoming the country’s first certified organic tanning manufacturer. Named Best Organic Beauty Brand of 2017 by LUX Magazine’s Global Excellence Awards, Eco Tan continues to be a stand out global leader in the organic beauty industry. AUSTRALIAN MADE – CERTIFIED ORGANIC – VEGAN – NATURAL – CHOOSE CRUELTY-FREE –  CERTIFIED TOXIC FREE – LICENSED by PETA

Lotion Stick | Raw Nature | Ecofriend Lotion Stick Purple Haze | Ecofriend
Lotion Stick | Raw Nature $16.95

Lotion Stick By Raw Nature Smother your hands and body with this luscious lotion in a stick that combines the spicy woody notes of pure vanilla with the healing power of manuka oil. Simple luxury! This water-free lotion protects your skin for over 12 hours. It contains a combination of mango butter, organic sunflower oil and raspberry seed oil which are locked in by a nourishing plant wax to create a protective barrier on your skin. Mango butter naturally contains essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants which deeply moisturise skin helping it to stay smooth and firm. Organic sunflower oil naturally contains Vitamin E, which helps trap moisture under the surface of the skin for up to 12 hours. It's also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-ageing.  The cold-pressed raspberry seed oil has an extremely high amount of Vitamin E in it making it a powerful anti-oxidant. Directions: Gently push from the bottom of the tube - swipe everywhere! If the lotion stick feels too hard, hold it against your skin and it'll melt instantly. Apply to wherever needs extra attention such as hands, feet, elbows, lips and even minor burns.   Ingredients:  Mango butter, organic sunflower oil, cold-pressed raspberry seed oil, candelilla wax, vanilla & manuka essential oils. That's it - 0% nasties! 50g  Great for travel as it contains no water.  Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients.

Organic Lip Balm | Ecofriend Calendula Lip Balm | Ecofriend
Kawakawa | Natural Organic | Lip Balm $12.00

Organic Lip Balm You can choose between Organic Calendula or Organic Kawakawa Lip Balm. Made with pride in the stunning Coromandel New Zealand Calendula is known to be an excellent herb for skin problems including inflammation, infection, ulcers,  slow healing wounds, and eczema. Kawakawa is known to calm and soothe dry, itchy, irritated skin and skin prone to eczema. Ingredients:  Calendula infused organic olive oil, beeswax, organic coconut oil Ingredients:  Kawakawa infused organic olive oil, beeswax, organic coconut oil

Rosehip Natural Sunscreen | Ecofriend Rosehip Natural Sunscreen squeezing bottle | Ecofriend
Sunscreen | Eco Tan | Natural Rose Hip $28.77 $39.95

Rosehip Natural Sunscreen Sunscreen is the essential key to protecting and preserving your skin. Kids especially love our sunscreen, it’s great for sensitive skin and is 3 hours water-resistant. No synthetic, harsh ingredients.  Reef and water-friendly as well as environmentally friendly, made in sugar cane packaging. A simple, effective, all-natural sunscreen - and it rubs in clear! Made with natural mineral zinc to create a physical barrier on the skin to deflect sun rays from permeating your skin. Natural Sunscreen is a non-greasy zinc formula with a broad spectrum for protection from UVA/UVB rays. 150ml up to 3 hours of water-resistant and suitable for the whole family to use How to use Apply sunscreen liberally and evenly taking care to cover all areas of skin including face at least 20 minutes prior to sun exposure The Cancer Council recommends applying at least 7 grams per limb including face and neck Reapply sunscreen every 1-2 hours especially if you have been swimming, sweating or towel-dried your body We advocate the Cancer Council recommendation that sunscreen is only one step in a complete sun safety regime. No sunscreen alone can completely protect skin from sun damage Wear a protective hat, sunglasses and clothing. Seek shade & avoid prolonged sun exposure Ingredients Actives: – Zinc Oxide 220mg/g Actives: – Zinc Oxide 220mg/g Inactives: – Rosa Canina (Rose Hip) Fruit Oil – Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil – Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride – Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil – Aqua – Tocopherol (Vitamin E) – Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter – Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Cera – Glyceryl Isostearate – Polyhydroxystearic Acid – Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil – Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract – Glycerin – Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract – Silica – Cera Alba (Beeswax) – Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate (Naturally derived from Corn Starch)

Invisible Tan | Best Self Tanner NZ | Ecofriend Invisible Tan | Best Self Tanner | Ecofriend
Invisible Tan | Best Self Tanner NZ $28.77 $39.95

Invisible Tan Self Tan Invisible Tan® is a silky lotion that delivers a streak-free natural deep glow in one application. Softly scented with rose flower and develops in 6-8 hours. Ideal for olive-based skin and medium to darker skin tones. Made with ultra-hydrating ingredients that continue to nourish and quench skin after application which is ideal for sensitive skin. Benefits Single application self-tan Suitable for olive/ medium skin tones Certified organic Vegan & certified cruelty-free Free from synthetic ingredients, fragrances and colours. No Hidden Nasties How to use Exfoliate and shave at least 24-48 hours before you apply Eco Tan Invisible Tan. For best results, we recommend using the Eco Tan Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub or Extreme Exfoliating Glove to prepare the skin. Why exfoliate? Exfoliating removes dead skin cells leaving you with smooth skin for an even application of tan. Pay particular attention to your feet, knees and elbows. • Apply onto clean, dry skin using your hand or an application mitt • Rub the lotion in circular motions ensuring you’re applying a light coat and covering your body • Apply a second coat if deeper colour is desired. Please note this tan applies clear and colour develops naturally over time. • Wait 6-8 hours for tan to develop and wash off in the shower • Moisturise after a shower to prolong the tan. Tip: After your nightly shower, apply two light even coats, wait for a few minutes for it to dry, pop into bed and wake up with a gorgeous holiday tan without ruined sheets.  150ml

Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub | Ecofriend Pink Himalayan Scrub | Ecofriend
Exfoliant | Body Scrub | Pink Himalayan $28.77 $39.95

Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub This divine smelling, nourishing scrub can be used on the whole body including the face. A beautiful blend of lemongrass, coconut oil and macadamia oil for the ultimate hydration solution to dry skin which provides an intense exfoliation leaving skin silky smooth and glowing. Perfect for tan preparation or to remove old tan, targets stretch marks, dry flaky skin, cellulite and pigmentation. Now in the larger 250g! This is not just any scrub. It creates a seemingly, magical process of transformation with its beautiful, cold-pressed oils. It deeply removes dead skin layers whilst drenching your skin in a beautiful blend of lemongrass, grapefruit and citrus botanicals. It has a global following with those with skin conditions as the high salt content is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, plus it's infused with our magical oil which creates the ultimate healing power.  Tip: Apply it to dry skin from head to toe in the shower (amazing for dry flakey scalps!). Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse off with warm water.  NOTE: If you are in a chilly climate our beautiful organic cold-pressed balms and oils in our Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub may solidify a little. Here are some tips if this happens: Keep it in a warm spot Roll it in your palms for a few minutes Very carefully (if you get water in the product it will ruin it) pop the bottom in warm water for only a few seconds ROUGH LOVE FOR SERIOUSLY SMOOTH SKIN! Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub is perfect for both body and face. With organic lemongrass and coconut oil, Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub smells divine and leaves your skin deeply hydrated and silky smooth. It contains nothing artificial and is free from synthetic ingredients. Instead, it is made with only certified organic and natural ingredients sourced from Mother Nature. Our Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub is also vegan and cruelty-free For best skin exfoliation, use Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub on DRY SKIN – PRIOR to showering. You can also use it with our tan remover glove to provide intense exfoliation and deliver seriously smooth skin. It’s perfect for both males and females. Even Sonya always catches her husband using herSaly Scrub on his dry itchy skin in the shower! Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub is also essential for best tanning results! Use it to exfoliate and reveal an even layer of skin before applying one of our Tanning Products. Then when your tan starts to fade, use our body exfoliator to scrub your skin and remove old tan. It also won GOLD and was awarded Highly Commended in the Natural Health Beauty Awards for 2016 and has just won BEST BODY SCRUB at the 10th Annual Healing Lifestyles Awards 2019 in the USA! Gently massage Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub into your face to help target breakouts and pesky dry skin. Leave it on for around 5 minutes before gently washing with warm water. PINK HIMALAYAN SALT SCRUB SIGNATURE INGREDIENTS Coconut oil Pink Himalayan salt Peppermint Pink grapefruit Lemongrass Directions Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub is a revolutionary exfoliating scrub, perfect for both body and face. For best skin exfoliation, use Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub on DRY SKIN – PRIOR to showering. Apply a generous amount to your body using your hands or better still use our reusable Tan Remover Glove. Rub over the body in circular motions, concentrating on problem areas. Shower as usual and pat skin dry. NOTE: When tanning WAIT 24 – 48 hours after exfoliating to apply your tan for optimal results. Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub is also essential for best tanning results! Use it to exfoliate and reveal an even layer of skin before applying one of our Tanning Products. Then when your tan starts to fade, use our body exfoliator to scrub your skin and remove your old tan note: For external use only. We recommend an allergy patch test. If irritation occurs see a doctor and discontinue use.

Sticking Plasters | Patch Activated Charcoal Sticking Plasters | Patch Activated Charcoal
Sticking Plasters | Patch Activated Charcoal $8.50

Activated Charcoal Sticking Plasters Patch sticking plasters are all-natural adhesive strips made from 100% organic bamboo fibre. The activated charcoal gauze to help draw out impurities and infections from minor wounds. Make a statement with our black PATCH and take on any adventure that comes your way! Made with soft natural bamboo fibre and gauze with hypoallergenic  pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA), patching you up, so you can get on with all your adventures Benefits Activated Bamboo charcoal is highly absorbent and works like a magnet to the impurities in the wound. This then assists with the body natural healing of the wound. Once the impurities are drawn out, inflammation and redness are reduced minimising the risk of any infection, which promotes safer healing of your wound. Size  

Sticking Plasters | Patch Aloe Vera Sticking Plasters | Patch Aloe Vera
Sticking Plasters | Patch Aloe Vera $8.50

Patch Aloe Vera Sticking Plasters  Patch Aloe Vera sticking plasters are designed for the adventure warriors. Our aloe vera range of plasters are made from 100% natural bamboo fibre, enriched with aloe Vera extract to help repair and soothe burns, blisters and minor abrasions. PATCH Aloe Vera strips are hypoallergenic and perfect for those with sensitive skin. Benefits Aloe Vera contains two powerful natural compounds (Polysaccharides and Glycoproteins) that assist with wound healing. The Aloe Vera extract assists perfectly for soothing burns and Blisters Size  

Sticking Plasters | PATCH Coconut Oil Sticking Plasters | PATCH Coconut Oil
Sticking Plasters | PATCH Coconut Oil $8.50

 PATCH Coconut Oil Sticking Plasters for Kids PATCH COCONUT OIL sticking plasters are engineered for the future eco-warriors of our planet, our kids. Our KIDS range is made from 100% natural bamboo fibre, enriched with coconut oil in the gauze to help soothe minor abrasions and provide long-lasting support for sensitive skin.  Let’s not forget the cute panda print adhesive strip designed to comfort children in life’s little emergencies. Benefits Made with soft and natural bamboo fibre which is embedded with coconut oil gauze and hypoallergenic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA). Our PSA formulation is made from a combination of natural minerals and Nano Technology to gently adhere to your skin without causing reactions. Coconut Oil is rich in Lauric Acid, a fatty acid with anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It works to help soothe minor scratches and wounds Size  

Sticking Plasters | Patch Natural Sticking Plasters | Patch Natural
Sticking Plasters | Patch Natural $8.50

PATCH Natural Sticking Plasters   PATCH Natural Bamboo Bandages are the perfect adhesive strip for those who like to keep it simple and subtle - tube of 25. The ideal wound covering to help repair minor cuts and abrasions, our natural range is made from soft bamboo fibre and free from irritating chemicals - allowing for suitable protection and soft support for sensitive skin types. Benefits Bamboo is a soft and breathable option for wound coverings that is naturally antimicrobial and the most sustainable option in skincare  Size  

Natural | Perfume | Harmony | Ecofriend Natural | Perfume | Elegant | Ecofriend
Natural | Vegan | Perfume $24.95

Natural Perfume  Vegan, alcohol and cruelty-free. RAW LUXE is an exciting new concept in the way you wear perfume and cologne, made locally in New Zealand with all-natural essential oils. Vegan, alcohol and cruelty-free. When you’re up close and personal, it’s your own secret story, your own identity. Not designed to overpower a room like “old lady” perfumes once did, but give someone a hug or stand next to a stranger in a lift, and they’ll immediately notice how amazing you smell. NATURAL PERFUME Feel confident wearing this alluring scent of soft roses and leather. Perfect for that romantic first date.  Throw it on with a pair of stilettos and watch the sparks fly! ELEGANT PERFUME You'll hit the ground running wearing this luxurious scent.  Hints of a citrus woody bouquet will remind you of posh soap.  Every day you'll feel sophisticated and in control.  Bring it! HARMONY PERFUME A true balance of cool peppermint and soft floral rose sherbet - an enchanting candy store for all ages. Just don’t let anyone nibble on you!   INDULGE PERFUME This unisex scent is all plush velvet and rugged leather.  Want to be mysterious and musky? Perfect for evening wear for ladies or all day for men.  But there are no rules you decide. LAVISH PERFUME A fun lively scent of spicy cloves, reminiscent of afternoons spent hanging out with girlfriends, splurging on high tea after a successful shopping spree. Don't forget to spill the tea!  PARADISE PERFUME Imagine the lush tropics with this heady mix of soft floral jasmine and warm vanilla- a real weekender scent for a relaxed state of mind. Yoga anyone? Apply liberally to all pulse points on your body – neck, temple, wrists, elbows, behind the knees.  It fits easily in your purse or pocket. Reapply as needed throughout the day and get ready for compliments   Size 10grams 6 Scents available

Natural Insect Repellent | Ecofriend
Insect Repellent | Natural | Bug Stick $17.95

Bug Stick Natural Insect Repellent A very popular DEET-free bug repellent that comes in a handy cardboard stick. Perfect for popping in the backpack on treks, camping or just when the kids are playing on the tramp. No toxic harsh chemicals such as DEET, just natural bug-repelling essential oils, together with skin-soothing unrefined shea butter, organic coconut oil and beeswax to keep it on the skin.   Directions: Push up gently from the bottom of the tube. Rub on ALL exposed skin that you don't want to be bitten. Apply as often as needed. For small children or anyone with sensitive skin, test patch on the skin. Ingredients: Candelilla wax, shea butter, organic coconut oil, citronella, rosemary, cedarwood and manuka essential oils. That's it - 0% nasties  50g  Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients.

Foot Stick | Ecofriend
Natural | Foot Stick $17.50

Raw Natural Foot Stick A unique lotion for feet that's solid at room temperature, but when it makes contact with your feet, it leaves just the right amount of nourishing butter and oils on the skin. Aloe butter is skin soothing and rapidly restores rehydration, while mango butter is rich in nourishing fatty acids and antioxidants, and also deeply moisturises the skin. Coconut oil and olive oil are highly moisturising and quickly absorbed into the skin. The NZ beeswax locks in these butter and oils to create a natural protective barrier. Pure lemon eucalyptus essential oil increases blood circulation; pure peppermint has a wonderful cooling effect from the natural menthol in its leaves; and tea tree oil has antiseptic properties, making it great for feet. Directions: Push up gently from the bottom of the tube. Rub stick directly on feet. The warmth of your skin melts a small amount of butter and oils, which are quickly absorbed into the skin. Apply to dry, cracked, tired or sore feet. Ingredients:  Candelilla wax, mango butter, aloe vera butter, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, peppermint essential oil, lemon eucalyptus essential oil, tea tree essential oil, spearmint essential oil. That's it - 0% nasties! 50g - lasts for ages with daily use.  Cardboard-only packaging. Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients.