Dog Shampoo | 100% Natural

$7.00 NZD

100% Natural Dog Shampoo

Our Naturally blended gentle dog shampoo soap bar is made from 100% Olive Oil with a blend of essential oils to help deter fleas and other parasites. It has a gentle subtle aromas of lemon, lavender and clove.

Soap that's great for dogs with sensitive skin

This is proving to be one of our most popular dog soaps, with great feedback coming in.

So I just got and tried your dog soap today. 4 dogs bathed. I was hesitant after 1 dogs coat felt coarse when lathering BUT Wow oh wow amazing results. Not only 4 clean dogs but dogs with soft coats.

Thank you for such an awesome product. 20/10"

Ingredients: Olive oil, Coromandel rainwater, lye (none remaining in final shampoo) essential oils of lemon, lavender, cedarwood atlas, patchouli, lemon and clove.