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New Zealand Seaweed | Capsules $39.95
New Zealand Seaweed Supplements  Are you looking for NATURAL HEALTH support with well-researched BENEFITS? Look no further than OGO's Multi-Nutrient Natural Seaweed Dietary Supplement for Your Health's Balance, Boost and Support Incredible Health Benefits of Seaweed Supplements Digestive Gut Health Dried Seaweed helps maintain a healthy digestive system and supports the absorption of nutrients and has prebiotic effects on the gut. It helps prevent constipation and shields against harmful bacteria   A Healthy Thyroid Our Seaweed is an excellent source of iodine which supports healthy thyroid function and can help regulate and normalise your metabolism.  Weight Loss Seaweed has been shown to have anti-obesity effects and is a natural remedy to help reduce appetite  Healthy Skin Helps maintain healthy skin, as well as hair, nail and eye health  OCEANGREEN ORGANICS offer you the purest and most convenient way for your body to get the benefits of nature's SEAWEED SUPERFOOD.  100% Pure Organic New Zealand Seaweed Supplements — Nutrient-Rich — Sustainably hand-harvested Seaweed/Kelp from the Wild — Fully-traceable from the most pristine and nutrient-dense waters of the world — the Southern Pacific shores of New Zealand. The Ultimate Natural Multi-Vitamin — A Powerhouse Superfood Supplement — in capsule form. We deliver the world's best premium quality seaweed in a convenient capsule form to incorporate into your diet and start reaping its many health benefits!  A totally natural and organic way to improving your health!  Seaweed has been shown to have many incredible benefits for our health — improving thyroid issues, boosting our gut health, strengthening our immune system, increasing our energy levels, as well as reducing skin inflammations and helping achieve brighter, healthier hair, skin and nails — to name just a few!  Used for centuries by many cultures for nutritional and medical purposes, today modern science has revealed why incorporating seaweed into your diet is a step towards better health.   WHY OCEANGREEN ORGANICS SEAWEED CAPSULES ARE SO GOOD FOR YOU: Provides Healthy Thyroid Support Our capsules are a potent source of natural iodine which is vital for healthy thyroid function and a critically important nutrient for the body's metabolism Supports a Healthy Immune System — boosts and enhances the immune system, especially in times of stress Possesses Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Microbial Properties which can help soothe and repair some skin conditions Aids General Health by improving energy levels  Helps Stimulate and Maintain Healthy Skin, Hair, Nails and Eye Health Is Anti-Oxidant Rich Our seafood capsules contain a treasure trove of anti-oxidant properties which help assist the body to detox everyday toxins Helps Manage High Blood Pressure  Helps Improve Digestive Health Seaweed can help maintain a healthy digestive system by supporting the absorption of nutrients. Can help with constipation concerns and support better health gut fora. Supports Weight Loss Seaweed has been shown as a natural remedy to help reduce appetite Helps Regulate and Balance Hormones for everyday wellness and internal balance. Can be particularly beneficial as an exceptional supplement for menopausal women   OCEANGREEN ORGANICS SEAWEED CAPSULES — THE SPECIAL BENEFITS: Batch Tested and Harvest Location Traceable from the oceans of Southern New Zealand. Every bottle shows the coordinates from where your seaweed was Proudly Hand-Harvested 100% Organic, Vegan, non-GMO. Free of dairy, wheat, peanut, soy, gluten or corn Ideal for Vegans, Vegetarians and those with dietary issues OCEANGREEN ORGANICS Seaweed Supplements are proudly made from New Zealand Seaweed Macrocystis Pyifera  Each capsule contain over 50 vitamins, mineral and trace elements essential to overall well-being Delivered in Convenient Capsule Form Fully absorbable, without the need for encapsulating aids. PRECAUTIONS This product is not suitable if you have hyperthyroidism, or are sensitive to iodine.  NOTE:  The natural Iodine contained within each capsule exceeds the 150% RDI. The Iodine levels detected vary per harvested batch and will be stated on the bottle per production run. *TAPS PP1072. Always read the label. Take only as directed and in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet. If you are unsure of taking supplements, consult your healthcare professional in the first instance. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Use only as directed. Consult your healthcare provider before using supplements or providing supplements to children under the age of 18. The information provided herein is intended for your general knowledge only and is not intended to be, nor is it, medical advice or a substitute for medical advice. If you have or suspect you have, a specific medical condition or disease, please consult your healthcare provider.
New Zealand Seaweed Flakes | 100% Pure - Ecofriend New Zealand Seaweed Flakes | 100% Pure - Ecofriend
New Zealand Seaweed Flakes | 100% Pure $24.65
 New Zealand Seaweed Flakes Our New Zealand Seaweed Flakes are a great addition to soups, broths, smoothies, salads and stir-fries. Description: Coarse combination of dark and light olive green flakes of Macrocystis Seaweed (Brown New Zealand Kelp) which soften with moisture. Strong, salty seaweed flavour and aroma. A great source of Iodine Wildly nutritious Adds a flavour punch to your meals Serving Suggestions: Sprinkle a small amount of Seaweed Flakes to your food to add both a salty seaweed flavour and essential, natural nutrients to your meal. Proudly sourced and produced in New Zealand by sustainable hand-harvesting.
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Marine Collagen | Supplement $56.50
New Zealand Revitcol Marine Collagen Supplements  - 100% Natural We are so passionate about the 100% Natural Marine Collagen for its remarkable scientifically-based, natural health-boosting properties. Discover why using the Marine Collagen is so beneficial for you! The Benefits of Marine Collagen Scientific research indicates Marine Collagen supports healthy aging, being rich in the proteins responsible for skin elasticity, healthy joints, hair and nails. Our all-natural, pure, and wild-sourced Marine Collagen Supplements are strengthened with two of the most potent superfoods — Seaweed and Blackcurrant – to provide a natural source of amino acids, vitamins and other essential nutrients, offering you a range of considerable health benefits† Supports the body’s collagen supply for strengthening skin, hair and nails Supports digestive and gut health Supports bone strength and connective tissue, including joint mobility and muscle recovery. Our marine collagen is from wild New Zealand fish Our supply is fully traceable & sustainably sourcedOur capsules are vegetable and conveniently ingestable  100% natural formula  Our capsules are rich in the proteins responsible for skin elasticity, healthy joints, hair and nails, and provide support for numerous health benefits, Support for healthy aging Support for your body’s collagen supply Support for strengthening skin, hair and nails Support for digestive and gut health Support for joint mobility and muscle recovery Support for bone strength and connective tissue RevitCOL Marine Collagen is a type 2 marine collagen powder 120 capsules †These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.​


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