Wheelie Bin Liners | Compostable & Biodegradable

$11.95 NZD

Wheelie Bin Liners 120L

Wheelie Bin Liner 120L is great for Businesses or Residential owners that require sturdy Bin Liners.


1 Roll of 10 bags

The bin liners that measure 900x1350mm and fit a capacity of 120 Litres. The 20-micron bin liners help to prevent tears and rips.

 How do the Wheel bin Bags break down

EP TECH’s enhanced polymers can make intelligent plastics, plastics that are biodegradable, compostable, anti-microbial or traceable.

The d2w formulation is in the form of a metal salt. After a period of planned stability due to the anti-oxidants contained in the d2w formulation, it causes a breakdown of the carbon-carbon bonds in the molecular chains - i.e. chain cleavage, or scission. The plastic product will become brittle and disintegrate into tiny flakes. 

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