wool dryer balls | Ecofriend wool dryer balls | Ecofriend
Dryer Balls | Wool $24.95
Wool dryer balls from 100% NZ wool Just add three Ecofriend dryer balls to your tumble dryer to absorb the moisture and separate your laundry, This will allow the hot air to circulate more freely. So ditch the dryer sheets and switch to a more eco-friendly, non-toxic laundry today with the help of your own Eco-friendly Dryer Balls!   Benefits of using our Best Selling Ecofriend NZ Wool Dryer Balls Eliminate single-use, chemical-filled dryer sheets and fabric softeners 100% Pure New Zealand Wool Softens Naturally Save you time, money, and energy No fillers, 100% New Zealand wool  Helps to Reduces Drying Time Reusable for 1000+ loads - each 3pce set will last you for years! Helps eliminate wrinkles and Static Ecofriendly Ideal eco-friendly gift for yourself or for anyone who wants to live a healthy sustainable, healthy and plastic-free life ECO-FRIENDLY: Lasts for a Thousand-Plus Loads, Replaces Dryer Sheets & Liquid Fabric Softeners, Reduces Garbage Waste. (A healthy, petroleum-free alternative to plastic dryer steamer balls)   Pack Includes: Each Pack contains 3 x New Zealand 100% Wool Dryer Balls in a Cotton Calico Storage Bag.   Instructions Just add three dryer balls to your dryer. This will help to reduce the drying time and help save on your electricity bill. Not only will your laundry dry faster, but the pure wool dryer balls also help reduce static & will naturally soften your fabric. When you have finished using them please place them aside to air-dry between your drying loads.The Ecofriend Dryer Balls make a lovely gift for your friends. Try adding a few drops of your favourite essential oils to the balls to diffuse through your drying cycle. 
Foot Spa | Aromatherapy | Ecofriend Foot Spa | Aromatherapy | Ecofriend
Foot Spa | Aromatherapy from $19.95
Aromatherapy Foot Spa    Slip your tired aching feet into this relaxing yet revitalising foot soak for a calming, soothing, spa-like experience, helping restore vitality to your system after a long, hectic day. Blended  with 100% natural ingredients of Himalayan and Epsom salts infused with essential oils and  petals  to pamper and rejuvenate your feet Directions Fill up a large bowl with lukewarm water then add 2-3 tablespoons. Relax and soak. Enjoy your "my time pamper" for 30 minutes Made in New Zealand Size: 300ml or 500ml
Stainless Steel Pegs | Clothes Pegs Stainless Steel Pegs | Clothes Pegs
Stainless Steel Pegs | Clothes Pegs $24.95
Marine Grade Stainless Steel Pegs Our Stainless Steel Pegs are of the highest quality stainless steel. We only sell marine grade (316) pegs to give you peace-of-mind, so they will never rust unlike inferior grades of stainless steel which are prone to rust if you live near a coastline. They make an ideal gift for the hard to buy friend  Ditch the plastic and replace them with our Long-lasting bulletproof zero waste pegs that have excellent resistance to corrosion and rust. Our Stainless Steel pegs are strong so don't worry about your heavy clothing or sheets flying off the line on a Wellington Southerly. Stainless Steel Pegs made for the harsh conditions of our New Zealand environment  Benefits of our Eco-friendly Pegs Indoor / Outdoor use Won't Break Plastic-Free Super Strong Grip Strength 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Never Rust Last Forever Pegs Reusable Calico Bag Regular size pegs, 2.0mm wire 5.9cm long Size and Packs  Size: 59 mm x 2.0 mm  20 pieces per pack Packed in a Hessian Bag Caring for your Stainless Steel Pegs We highly recommend that if you live in a coastal area to maintain the lifespan that you rinse your pegs with water every fortnight. This will help to keep the pegs in tip-top condition.
Silicone Body Scrubber | Ecofriend Silicone Body Scrubber | Ecofriend
Silicone Body Scrubber $19.95
Silicone  Body Scrubber Do you struggle to clean your back properly? Then we have the solution for you. Our super-soft silicone bristles which are 1 cm long, will quickly massage's and exfoliate your back and body, making you feel relaxed and energised. Our extra-long Body scrubber is 70cm x 12cm and has wide handles that comfortably grip nicely in your hands. Eco friendly and quick dry makes it a must-have for your daily cleaning routine.   Helps to relieve tired achy backs and gently exfoliates any unwanted dead skin cells quickly and easily.    Made of high-quality silicone Removes dead skin cells Gently exfoliates Longer newer model Helps to relieve tired achy backs More Hygienic than loofah Easily hang it up to dry Easy to use Makes an ideal Gift Colours Blue, Pink, Purple and Green Packaged in a beautiful Calico Bag Size 70*12
Natural Deodorant | Antiperspirant | Ecofriend Natural Deodorant | So Vanilla | Ecofriend
Natural Deodorant | Antiperspirant $17.95
Natural Deodorant by Raw Nature All our deodorants are completely clean and natural and will withstand even your sweatiest workout sessions. Aluminium and palm oil-free; we use virgin coconut oil, magnesium and tapioca starch to kill bacteria growth from the get-go. If you are looking for an armpit soulmate, you have found it! 8 scents are available which all include a unique blend of essential oils, including New Zealand Manuka oil which is chosen for its antimicrobial benefits. There is also a no-scent version. Perfect for on-the-go use, easy to spread leaving your skin velvety soft, feeling dry and ready for the day.  Time to rethink using the supermarket aluminium-based antiperspirant and give your body some love What customers are saying "I’ve tried several but this is the best I’ve found so far. I love the vanilla scent. The best bit is the push-up stick, so easy to use. And the fact it’s all cardboard - no plastic in sight. Great product."
Dog Shampoo | 100% Natural
Dog Shampoo | 100% Natural $7.95
100% Natural Dog Shampoo Our Naturally blended gentle dog shampoo soap bar is made from 100% Olive Oil with a blend of essential oils to help deter fleas and other parasites. It has a gentle subtle aromas of lemon, lavender and clove. Soap that's great for dogs with sensitive skin This is proving to be one of our most popular dog soaps, with great feedback coming in. " So I just got and tried your dog soap today. 4 dogs bathed. I was hesitant after 1 dogs coat felt coarse when lathering BUT Wow oh wow amazing results. Not only 4 clean dogs but dogs with soft coats. Thank you for such an awesome product. 20/10" Ingredients: Olive oil, Coromandel rainwater, lye (none remaining in final shampoo) essential oils of lemon, lavender, cedarwood atlas, patchouli, lemon and clove.
Eezapet Pet Itch Relief | 30ml Eezapet Pet Itch Relief | Ecofriend
Eezapet Pet Itch Relief | Ecofriend from $25.90
 Eezapet - stop your pets scratching FAST  Eezapet is effective, easy to apply and your pet will love you for it. For use on cats, dogs and small pets,  Eezapet works rapidly to relieve the itch associated with hot spots (heat rashes), allergies and rashes of all kinds including mange.   Now available in two sizes: 30ml and 120ml Also great sunburn relief for our furry friends.  100% of natural ingredients made in NZ tested on humans first. Cruelty-free.   Safe for you, your pets and the earth Every pet should have the same access to natural healthcare as we do. Eezapet is a premium pet health care product made with beeswax and active herbals. No Stinging Eezapet is soothing and gentle for your pets and totally safe if your pets lick it. Rapid Relief SPCA Vets case studies have shown that itchiness on animals took only 5 to 15 minutes. Ezepet is the fastest activating balm in the market - This includes USA, UK, NZ 100% Natural Ezepet is all-natural and made from seven ingredients: Sesame Oil Beeswax Angelica Figwort Peony Rhubarb Root Cinnamon How to use: Apply directly to your pet's skin before feeding, walking or playtime.  Non-toxic and safe if licked off. Apply as often as required.
wax melt burner | ecofriend soy wax melt burner | ecofriend
Wax Melt Burner $29.95
Soy Wax Melt Burner Enjoy the minimalistic design from our luxury black soy wax melt burner. This will enhance any style in your home adding a luxurious feel and look. This effectively diffuses any wax or soy melt fragrances throughout your property creating a lasting and sensory memory Helping support young adults with Down Syndrome A social enterprise supporting young adults with Down syndrome and intellectual or learning disabilities. $1 from every candle sold is donated via the Downlights Charitable Trust.
Kawakawa Repair Balm | Ecofriend Kawakawa Balm | Ecofriend
Kawakawa Balm from $22.00
Kawakawa Balm is a skin-saving superstar. Kawakawa Balm is a skin-saving superstar. Our all-natural intensively nourishing Kawakawa Balm may help to soothe dry, irritated and eczema-prone skin. Kawakawa Balm is perfect for regular use on skin prone to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, but is also great for burns, scrapes, dry skin, nappy balm, tattoo moisturiser, lip balm, as an intensive night time moisturiser! Kawakawa Balm is wildcrafted from native New Zealand plants by embracing traditional Māori Rongoā techniques and blended with pure oils for extra skin nourishment. Native NZ Kawakawa has been used for centuries for its amazing healing properties, especially for sensitive or irritated skin. For sensitive skin, this Kawakawa Balm may help by relieving the itch and creating a gentle barrier on the skin, locking in moisture and supporting active repair. Our Award-Winning* Frankie Kawakawa Balm is a totally natural product to support dry, itchy eczema-prone skin that contains no water. We choose not to add any harmful chemicals or water, so you know your Kawakawa Balm is free from irritating preservatives, toxins and stabilisers used in water-based or synthetic formulations. Available in three sizes: 30ml 60ml 105ml  Popular uses for this multipurpose natural Kawakawa Balm are: Areas of Eczema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis  Lip balm  Eyebrow shaper & brow treatment Hand Cream and Gardener's Hand Cream Nappy Balm & Barrier Cream Intensive nighttime facial moisturiser Cradle cap remedy Irritated nipples (natural and organic for baby and you) Cuts and bruises and facilitating faster healing by preventing dryness Bug bites, repelling insects and easing sunburn All-natural ingredients Kawakawa Infused Olive Oil, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Lecithin, Shea Butter, Jojoba Esters, Sunflower Seed wax, Acacia Flower wax, Polyglycerin-3, Kawakawa Extract, Calendula Extract, Vitamin E. Directions Apply Kawakawa Balm 2-3 times a day at regular intervals to irritated skin and then daily as the skin begins to heal. * The Frankie Apothecary Kawakawa Balm was a Top 10 Most Recommended Product in the 2016 OHbaby! Awards.
Wax melts | Soybean
Wax melts | Soybean $8.95
Scented Soybean Wax Melts Soy wax melts offer an alternate, effective way to aromatise your home or office. Every single melt is hand-poured with 100% soy wax crafted into irresistible naturally scented melts and generously infused with fragrance blends. So easy and convenient just place a melt in the top of an oil burner and simply light a soy tea light underneath. As the melt liquefies, its fragrant scent will be released into the surrounding space, dispersing throughout your property.  These make great gifts for friends and family and are a fantastic way to sample new scents   Our Stunning Fragrances    Black Orchid ( NEW) Timeless, noble and luxuriously sophisticated the Seductive Black Orchid is a blend of musky, dark and sensual pure indulgence and decadence that is sure to add a hint of intrigue and mystery to any time of day - RECOMMEND   Berry Vanilla Awaken your senses with this enticingly addictive juicy, yet alluring and fragrantly magnificent aroma of a deliciously sweet and luscious blend of sun-kissed sweetened berries warmed with spiced, sweet and creamy vanilla enlightening your senses.  A wickedly opulent fragrance that brings a Simply divine yet truly amazing fresh aroma that will uplift and add an air of indulgence to every corner of your favourite space.   Salted Caramel The perfect infusion to satisfy your love of salty sweetness.A rich and indulgent experience, enjoy the buttery scent of salted caramel with a touch of tangy flaky sea salt infused with sugary caramel – a fragrance that leaves you craving more. A transcendent everyday luxury, it creates instant ambience letting you amerce yourself in your new guilty pleasure. So why not Illuminate any room in the home while filling it with the incredibly luscious scent of salted buttery caramel    Baby Powder and Lavender Gorgeously captivating, beautifully strong, clean and fresh.  Wonderfully soft and powdery, like you just powdered a freshly bathed baby Freshen any space with the clean, instantly recognisable scent of our Baby Powder blended to perfection with a fusion of fresh lavender flowers, with notes of white lilies, vanilla, amber and ivory musk So refreshing and soothing, it's a gentle scent that emanates soft touches of innocence from memories of the past or present.   Brandy Pear An intoxicating mouthwatering blend of ripe, orchard picked juicy pears soaked in brandy aged in oak barrels, with aromas of dried fruit spices and finishes with lingering oak and a hint of spice. An indulgent fresh fragrance that is mouthwatering sweet, a beautifully blended rare balance that you will want to enjoy year-round. - RECOMMEND   Wild Peony The delicate, stunningly and simply beautiful wild peony lends it romantic and feminine subtle floral fragrance as the heart of this fragrance. Blend with divine notes of jasmine whose beauty is as pure as it is tantalising with a hint of sensual woody white musk tying this beautiful fragrance together to enchant your senses, relax your mind and uplift your spirits   Linen Fresh Tumble into the nostalgic aroma of clean sheets, that envelope you in crisp from the line, still kissed by the warmth of the sun fragrance that creates a lovely ambience that will freshen any space. Beautiful clean notes of jasmine, lilac, peony, Egyptian musk and French vanilla that delicately captures the essence of a beautiful sunny day and a line full of fresh, crisp linen.   Whisky Fire A distinctive and unmistakable fragrance recreating the bliss of sitting by the fire sipping your favourite nightcap which cannot help but create memories of nights out and good times with friends. Hints of the heady blend of potent alcohol, woody oak and smokey peat of Whiskey mixed delicately with the smoky, woody essences of amber, clove, sandalwood and patchouli, so reminiscent of the comfort and joy felt from sipping whiskey by the fire Packs 6 per pack and packaged in a beautiful Kraft bag 8 scents to choose from
Linen Spray | Ecofriend Linen Spray | Ecofriend
Essential Oil | Room Spray $19.95
Natural Essential Oil Room Spray  Our natural room sprays are designed to give a long-lasting fragrance to your everyday life with a delicious relaxing, calming and emotionally balancing fragrance delicately blended with soft subtle back notes of powder and musk and essential oils. Whether you want to freshen up your linen closet, or maybe adding a pleasant scent to a room before having your friends over, or just wanting to chill out with a  good book to lull you into relaxation mode, then using our linen spray at home will provide the same pleasant aromatic effect as lighting your scented candle, all you need is a single spray! Fresh Linen Very similar to fabric softener. Notes include: jasmine, lilac, peony, Egyptian musk and French vanilla,  offering a soothing fragrance that is crisp yet relaxing to freshen and deodorise, uplifting your mood and bring a little luxury into your home Lavender Bergamot  The perfect match classic Lavender and fresh Bergamot, the scent of a stunning summers day perfectly blended to infuse clothes, bed linen, furnishing and towels. Complex and bright, with citrus and tea notes from the bergamot and floral heart notes from the classic lavender. Size 100ml
Burners | Wax Melts | Ecofriend
Burners | Wax Melts Crackle $29.95
Wax Melt Burners with Crackle Bring a touch of elegance and sparkle to your home with our latest crackle wax melt burners. With a stunning mosaic design, comprising 1,000s of silver or turquoise shattered pieces. It looks beautiful when lit and gives a luxurious ambience to any home Stunning glass oil burner with a crackle, mosaic effect outer These burners would be an attractive addition to any home These items can be used for oils or a wax melt burner Please note: The tops cannot be removed Size Measures approximately W 11cm x H 14.cm. Packaging Comes delivered in a plain white box.
Compostable | Cling Wrap | 30m | Ecofriend
Compostable | Cling Wrap | 30m $9.90
 Home compostable cling wrap that is free of plastic. Our dream is to rid the world of non-compostable plastic waste, and we truly believe every tiny act can make a big impact. Home Compostable Cling Wrap is all about celebrating the small wins as well as the big, and we want you to feel good about the things you are doing, instead of making you feel bad about the things you aren’t, or can’t. What about the inks used? all of our products are only printed with soy or water-based inks, to remain compost friendly. Can I put your products in my worm bin? absolutely! all of our products are friendly to worms. As featured in popular magazines including Idealog, Dish, and Good.  ok, so how long will your products take to break down? our products are made up of three biopolymers, including common ingredients in compostables, pbat and pla. the polymers are blended into a compound which is then worked into our versatile material. none of our products contains any conventional plastic whatsoever. to ensure we are producing the best quality products available, we use the highest grade blend of these three materials. Composting is an easy way to make a huge positive change! Our wrap is here to keep your food fresh, your conscience guilt-free, and the world a whole lot cleaner. Benefits of Compostic Cling Wrap 100% home compostable Pre perforated It's not plastic Breaks down between 12-24 weeks Non-GMO Safe and non-toxic Guilt-free Freezer safe Microwave safe Worm farm-friendly Keeps food fresh Breaks down quicker than an orange peel Soy-based ink Available in one size: 30m  What are the products made from Our products are made up of three biopolymers, including common ingredients in compostables, pbat and pla. the polymers are blended into a compound which is then worked into our versatile material. None of our products contains any conventional plastic whatsoever. to ensure we are producing the best quality products available, we use the highest grade blend of these three materials.
Dog Poop Bags | Degradable
Dog Poop Bags | Degradable $15.99
 Dog Poop Bags Earth Rated dark green coloured dog poop bags are made from degradable plastic; they contain an additive that encourages them to break down (unlike traditional plastic poop bags). These bags are 100% leak-proof guaranteed, so they can hold any size poop safely. They're large enough to fully cover your hand during pick-up with plenty of room left to secure a knot when you're done. And they're designed to block unpleasant poop smells. What are Earth Rated degradable bags made from? Degradable bags are plastic with a Totally Degradable Plastic Additive (TDPA) by EPI added to allow them to break down. The EPI additive is non-toxic and produces no harmful residue. How do I dispose of degradable bags afterwards?  Dispose of your degradable bags the same way you would a regular plastic bag filled with dog waste; place it in your general waste bin for kerbside collection.  Are these bags biodegradable? These dark green bags are best labelled "degradable" rather than "biodegradable". They contain an EPI additive that helps them break down, unlike traditional plastic bags. If you want biodegradable bags please choose our Earth Rated Compostable Dog Poop Bags instead. Are they flushable? No! As a general rule, stay away from flushing your dog’s poop with or without a bag. It really depends on what water treatment plant your waste goes to, but flushing dog poop can upset water balance due to the high levels of BOD (biological oxygen deprivation). What is the shelf life of Earth Rated degradable poop bags? Earth Rated dark-green bags contain an EPI additive which accelerates the break down process, therefore, we recommend keeping them for no longer than 24 months. We recommend storing them in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.  What is the difference between the Earth Rated dark green degradable and light green compostable bags?  Degradable bags are made from “normal” polyethylene, they are still a regular plastic bag but contain a degradable additive known as TDPA (totally degradable plastic additives). This helps the bags break down into smaller pieces when exposed to sunlight, heat and oxygen. Compostable bags are biodegradable and return to carbon dioxide and water, leaving nothing behind. Certified compostable bags begin decomposing from the first day in a compost pile and take 90-180 days to break down. Bag size: 228mm(w) x 330mm(h)Bags per box: 8  Rolls of 15 Bags (total 120 bags) We have around the clock Email Support. Please contact us if you need any help.
Compostable | Lunch Bags| Ecofriendly Compostable | Lunch Bags| Ecofriend
Compostable | Lunch Bags| Ecofriendly $5.99
Compostable Resealable Lunch Bags These new biodegradable compostable ziplock Lunch Bags are certified for both home and commercial composting. You can wipe them out and reuse them. Then, once finished with, the whole bag can be put in a compost bin (the thicker zip will take a little longer to decompose).  They are third-party tested and certified home compostable, compostic Lunch Bags and will keep your food fresher for longer and your conscience guilt-free. Break down in home compost within 24 weeks Zip locks to keep food fresh Reusable and washable 100% home compostable Non-toxic Breaks down quicker than an orange peel No plastic Size: 18cm(w) x 17cm(h)Quantity per pack: 15 resealable bags Great for Children's Lunches also 1,000 uses around the home and a great way to get rid of plastic zip-lock bags. These biodegradable lunch bags contain GMO-free corn starch, PLA and PBAT and are certified for home and commercial composting. They are food and freezer safe.


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